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How much does it cost to clean my windows?
That will depend on the size of your property. We will be happy to come out and visit the property to give you an accurate quotation. You don't even have to be there, as long as you give us permission to walk around the outside we can quote from there. If you would like to know straight away we can also supply you with a quick estimate over the phone.

Are your prices competitive?
Yes. We believe we offer the most competitive prices for the work we provide.

Why should I choose 360 Window Cleaning? 
Excellent question. At 360 it is our mission to not only offer the most professional service but also the friendliest and most trusted service. But don't take our word for it see what our clients are saying.

How do you accept payment?
You can pay by cheque, cash or direct credit into our bank account. The option is yours whatever is easiest for you.

How do you clean my windows?
We clean your windows with detergent (Morning Fresh) and water. This is applied by means of microfiber mop or applicator. The detergent and water is then removed by means of a squeegee. Result.... your windows are spotlessly cleaned.

Do you clean the fly screens and tracks?
Yes. This is all part of the service.

Should I have my windows cleaned even when it is raining?
Yes absolutely. The rain will not dirty your windows, if anything they will actually clean them. Sometimes it looks like the rain makes your windows dirtier, but this is because of the dust and grime that is actually on the windows in the first place.

Will you still come if it rains hails or shines?
Yes if it rains. Yes if it shines. No if it hails. Only if the weather is extremely nasty such as hail or thunder storms we will not come out. We will definitely contact you prior to our visit if this is the case. We will then reschedule for another time that is convenient for you. 

Do you have insurance?
Yes we are fully insured and will be happy to show you our certificate of currency if required.

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